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the obama economy? this is "special report." good evening, i am chris wallace in for bret baier. investors and traders on wall street are breathing a sigh of relief, thanks to a break from two rough selloff days in the financial markets. chief white house correspondent ed henry reports there's one man that remains on the hot seat, federal reserve chairman ben bernanke. >> reporter: after two days of market melt downs and high anxiety about 401(k)s plunging again, the last thing president obama or his aides wanted to do today was try to decipher the words of the fed chairman, ben bernanke. >> how is the white house sorting out what he said? >> here is what i have to say about the markets and the fed chairman and fed policy. >> reporter: nothing to say. probably smart because the market settled today, with modest gains for the dow and s&p 500 and a small drop for nasdaq, after a two day global selloff for stocks, bonds, and commodities, sparked by a massive credit crunch in china, refusal by communist leaders to intervene by pumping cash into the system, coupled with bernanke's comment that
to tap the brakes on the feds' bond buying program designed to lower interest rates and spur the economy. fox business network senior washington correspondent peter barns has an update. >> good evening. the fed says the central bank could be getting ready to wind down the easy money policies it has been using for the last five years to help the economy recover from the great recession, the first to slow and then to go, the controversial bond buying program, known as quantitative easing, which helped keep interest rates low. so far, the fed purchased $2.5 trillion in bonds to help flood the financial system with cash, basically printing new money. purchases help keep rates low for auto loans, mortgages and business loans. the fed chairman had cars on his mind when he said his team could start reducing purchases later this year, if the economy keeps growing and unemployment keeps dropping. >> if incoming data support that the economy can sustain a reasonable cruising speed, we will ease the pressure on the accelerator by gradually reducing pace of purchases. however, any need to consider a
said was that if the economy continues to grow at the pace that it is he may start trimming that bond-buying program by the end of the year. not that he's going to stop it all together. not that they're going to sell their enormous balance sheet. nothing like that. they just may start trimming it. that sent the market absolutely reeling. and it shows you that this unprecedented program that has been started by ben bernanke, the dismount from this, isn't going to be pretty. >> let's look at this a different way. if bernanke is talking about easing off the stimulus even a little bit, d ton that mean the economy is improving? isn't there some good news here? >> it's true. it does mean that. but if you look around the funds are better but they're not that strong. we got some jobs numbers today that were pretty good, some housing numbers, existing home sales that were good. but the problem is that as he gets out, people sell bonds, interest rates go up, that will hurt the housing market because that's been one of the main things that has helped housing rebound is this this idea you could b
for the world and relief for the economy. the main reason for iran's isolation is nuclear defiancdef. he says the centrifuges will keep spinning. there's a willingness to be flexible, but not clear where he will give. >> of course, the nuclear programs are totally transparent in nature, but we are ready to show more transparency and show the world that iran's nuclear work complies fully with international framework. >> reporter: he knows the nuclear program, he was their nuclear negotiator 2003 to 2005. >> he is a regime insider, he is not going to make easy concessions. he was viewed as a tough negotiator when he headed their negotiating team. only after he left that the europeans realized how good they had it with him as negotiator, at least he was ready to make some compromises. >> reporter: during his term as negotiator, iran voluntarily suspended the enrichment program. he says he won't do that again. today nobody would expect an iranian leader to suspend that country's enrichment program with 14,000 centrifuges. experts say at this point the best we could hope for would be getting iran
the long time, provide an overall boost to the economy. the white house is talking about the forecast of $197 billion in savings over ten years, 700 billion the following ten. in the house, saying john boehner should be removed. mike emanuel shows us not all the ideas are popular with a lot of people. >> reporter: emotional disruption as the house judiciary committee took up a plan authorizing state and local police to enforce immigration laws. it is the most contentious of four stand-alone immigration bills in the house. >> we trust them to enforce laws ranging from capital murder to shoplifting. and everything in between. surely we can trust them to enforce immigration laws. >> reporter: critics say it would lead to racial profiling, unconstitutional arrests. >> this bill were to become law, we would expect as we saw eight years ago millions of american citizens taking to the street to demonstrate, to protect members of their family, members of their community from the wrong things that the bill would encourage. >> reporter: they crackdown on those seeking to be americans. >> they'r
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)